RetroVideoGamer S2 E1…TV Boyz II Men


New Season!

Harry & Carl Welcome you back to the RVG podcast with a review/playthru of Systema's Atari Knock-off, The TV Boy.
Carl reviews latest Vinyl LP, a Streets of Rage soundtrack Album.
Harry compares two Bubble Bobble conversions for the Amstrad CPC.
Our In house teenager wrestles with a game for a vintage system in this issues Retro Lamer.
****Free game for every listener.****

The stamps of time are as follows...
 RVG podcast E1 S2, TV Boyz II Men

1:00 Alex Higgins’ Green Screen Nightmare
3:20 Intro to the System-ayy TV Boy 11 and sawker game chat
8:20 Review: Bubble Bobble Amstrad CPC Showdown
16:27 TV Boy Musical Hit Parade
21:00 Quiz of the Podcast: Guess The Atari Classic From The TV Boy name
24:50 TV Boy variations and modding
29:44 Music: Streets of Rage Data Disc review
38:20 Atari Name Game part 2
43:30 TV Boy Pricewatch & final verdict – pros and cons
55:00 Retro Lamer
59:57 Pac-Chat
1:07:46 Free gift

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