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February 24th, 2016    

RVG Episode 2 S2, the all new ZX Tantrum

Another Podcast is upon us!

Join Harry and Carl on a retro journey that visits classic Soviet console clone, the Dendy
Hear what our in house Retro Lamer has to say about a classic game.
We review 8BitWeapon's new album 'Disassembly Music- Ambient music for De-Programming'
Listen in on what we think of modern reboots of old computers, is the Vega any good?
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See you again soon ;)

September 23rd, 2015    

RetroVideoGamer S2 E1…TV Boyz II Men


New Season!

Harry & Carl Welcome you back to the RVG podcast with a review/playthru of Systema's Atari Knock-off, The TV Boy.
Carl reviews Datadiscs.com latest Vinyl LP, a Streets of Rage soundtrack Album.
Harry compares two Bubble Bobble conversions for the Amstrad CPC.
Our In house teenager wrestles with a game for a vintage system in this issues Retro Lamer.
****Free game for every listener.****

The stamps of time are as follows...
 RVG podcast E1 S2, TV Boyz II Men

1:00 Alex Higgins’ Green Screen Nightmare
3:20 Intro to the System-ayy TV Boy 11 and sawker game chat
8:20 Review: Bubble Bobble Amstrad CPC Showdown
16:27 TV Boy Musical Hit Parade
21:00 Quiz of the Podcast: Guess The Atari Classic From The TV Boy name
24:50 TV Boy variations and modding
29:44 Music: Streets of Rage Data Disc review
38:20 Atari Name Game part 2
43:30 TV Boy Pricewatch & final verdict – pros and cons
55:00 Retro Lamer
59:57 Pac-Chat
1:07:46 Free gift

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July 22nd, 2015    

RVG Podcast Episode 10: Howard Scott Warshaw Interview

In the latest episode, Dan talks to the legendary Howard Scott Warshaw of Atari fame in an hour long interview.


June 28th, 2015    

RVG Podcast Episode 9: Sega Master System

Everyone seems to shout the joys of the NES from the classic 8-Bit days but Keith and Dan look back to its one true rival, the Sega Master System.


June 18th, 2015    

ByteCast - Retron 5 Thoughts

Dan spares some thoughts on the Hyperkin Retron 5.


May 15th, 2015    

ByteCast - World 1-1 Documentary

World 1-1 is the first in a documentary series on the history of video games.


May 8th, 2015    

RVG Podcast Episode 8: Play Blackpool

This months episode is a look at the recent Play Blackpool event, our thoughts, feedback and notes.  See what we thought, including a first look at the upcoming Oculus Rift.


April 8th, 2015    

ByteCast - Atari 2600 Games

Dan goes back to the dawn of gaming to sort through some of the classics from the Atari 2600.


March 20th, 2015    

ByteCast Retro Collect Video Game Market

Dan grills Keith over his latest visit to the Retro Collect Video Games market.


February 28th, 2015    

RVG Podcast Episode 7 - Influential Games

Looking back over the past 35 years of retro gaming we go through the most influential games ever released.


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